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How to Delete Branches locally and remotely in git

To delete a branch locally from your machine

$ git branch -D <branch_name>

To delete a branch remotely from the server

$ git push origin --delete <branch_name>

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How to make content/div vertically middle align without absolute, tablecell and he

Hi team,

How to make content/div vertically middle align without absolute, tablecell and height? No matter how outer div are longer in height but my content and div should be middle align vertically.

Please provide me some better solution.

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Page Switch to Different page For Particular section

 Hello Guys Once Again I am sharing You the real life tech hacks while coding, One of my clients in my company asked for Linking a page to somewhere and scroll that particular section based on ID and URL matching, But I got stuck badly in scrolling that page on load of browser window , i put code from somewhere that was doing half work it was able to forward to that page and move to that section but was Not scroll-able. Also That code made a Huge Trouble To the Owl carousal finally i got that solution hope this code will help you a lot I have commented one single comment to r... Read More

Positions in Css


The best way to understand any property is to demonstrate the way you observe which I think is the quickest way to put that logic easily into someone’s mind  So here are my observance on the following Property

The Positions in Css are Described below as :-

The Relative Position:- The class which is relative to the parent one . By default it is relative but if something is relative then we need to define that relative in respect of the child class that could be absolute to the... Read More

Difference between constructor and destructor?

Constructor is a special function which is automatically called when an object is created.

Constructor is used to initialise the class member.

In php constructor is a function __CONSTRUCT.

Destructor is a special function which is automatically call when an object goes out of the scope. 

In php destructor is created with a name __DESTRUCT.

Destructor is used to write the cleanup code that release all the resources associated with your object.

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